Chair of Solid State Physics


Welcome to the Nanophysics Group

The research activity of the Nanophysics Group is focused around the realization of semiconductor-based nanoscale devices and exploring their fascinating electronic transport, optoelectronic and electromechanical properties resulting from the confinement to nanometer scale dimensions. The often interdisciplinary research has been reaching out beyond solid state physics for new research directions and also formed the bases for several successful Spin-Off companies.

The Nanophysics Group at LMU was founded when Jörg P. Kotthaus moved in 1989 with many of his junior collaborators from the Institute of Applied Physics of the University of Hamburg to the newly established Chair of Solid State Physics - Semiconductor Physics at LMU Munich. After the formal retirement of Jörg P. Kotthaus in 2012 research continued, in part in cooperation with his former collaborators who founded research groups at other institutions. In 2009 Alexander Högele joined the Chair to lead the Nanophotonics Group, and in 2021 Dmitri Efetov was hired on the Chair of Solid State Physics as successor of Jörg P. Kotthaus.

Charge transport through quantum dots
Charge transport through quantum dots
Synthesis of two-dimensional semiconductors and heterostructures
3D confined dipolar excitons
Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS)