Nanophotonics Group


Welcome to the Nanophotonics Group

We explore nanoscale condensed matter systems for novel optoelectronic phenomena and applications in nanophotonics and quantum science and technology. Our advanced clean-room nanofabrication and analysis facilities enable developments of novel nanosystems and devices, which we study with an extensive set of optical spectroscopy techniques at ambient conditions and in extreme environments (ultra-low temperatures down to mK or high magnetic fields of up to 10 Tesla).

Currently, the research of our group is primarily focused on optical excitations in atomically thin semiconductors in the form of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and their van der Waals heterostructures. In most concise terms, the optical properties of these layered materials are determined by strongly bound electron-hole pairs (excitons) with uniquely coupled spin-valley degrees of freedom. Using an extensive set of spectroscopy techniques as well as material synthesis and device fabrication methods we aim at establishing both understanding and control of light-matter interactions for excitons in monolayer TMDs and their heterostructures as well as in coupled TMD-cavity systems.

We are part of the following research clusters

Munich Quantum Center
Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology