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Dr. Farsane Tabataba-Vakili

Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Interests:  Quantum optoelectronics with van der Waals heterostructures
Phone:  +49-(0)89-2180-3721
E-Mail:  ftabatabauopjnjklphysiklmude
Farsane received her B.Sc. (2013) and M.Sc. (2016) in physics from Technische Universität Berlin. During her M.Sc., she spent one and a half years at PARC, a Xerox Company in Palo Alto, CA as an intern and working on her master’s thesis. From 2016 to 2020, Farsane was a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre de Nanosciences et Nanotechnologies (C2N) in Palaiseau and at CEA-IRIG in Grenoble where she worked on microlaser photonic circuits in the III-nitride on silicon platform. She obtained her Ph.D. in physics from Université Paris-Saclay in 2020 and then joined the Nanophotonics group at LMU München as a postdoctoral researcher and is currently an MCQST Distinguished Postdoc Fellow.

Farsane’s current research interests focus on strong light-matter coupling of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides with optical microcavities. She studies different types of excitonic and photonic lattices that tailor the potential landscapes of exciton-polaritons with applications in topological and quantum photonics.

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