Seminar on physical properties of quantum dots

Wintersemester 2006/2007

Stefan Ludwig, Florian Marquardt

Fr. 13:00 bis 14:30, Seminarraum N 110 (ehemals Zi. 108) Sektion Physik (Altbau)

20.10.2006 Louis Gaudreau
Quantum Information Center
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Stability Diagram of a Few Electron Triple Quantum Dot
03.11.2006 Andreas Helzel
Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics
Universität Regensburg
Nonequilibrium transport through quantum point contacts
17.11.2006 Vitaly Golovach Answered and open questions on the spin-orbit interaction in electronic quantum dots
24.11.2006 Prof. A.V. Chaplik
Novosibirsk Institute of Semiconductor Physics
Localized states of 2D-electrons induced by spin-orbit interaction
08.12.2006 Martin Kroner
LMU München
Resonant optical absorption spectroscopy on a single quantum-dot tunnel
coupled to a continuum.
15.12.2006 Joel Moser
LMU München
Mesoscopic transport in a heavy mass, multi-valley electron system: wires and dots in aluminum arsenide.
12.01.2007 Dr. Leonid Litvin
Universität Regensburg
Two beam Aharonov-Bohm interference in integer quantum hall effect