Seminar über spezielle Fragen der Halbleiterphysik WS 2006/2007

J. P. Kotthaus

Seminarraum N110 (vormals 108), Altbau der Sektion Physik
Montag, 13.30 Uhr - 15.00 Uhr

16.10.2006 Prof. Igor Zozoulenko
Linkoping Universität, Norrkoping, Schweden

Spin polarization, edge state structure and conductance of quantum wires and relates systems in the integer quantum hall regime


Prof. James Allen
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Protein dynamics in water: Absorption spectroscopy from 0.07 to 3.7 THz
06.11.2006 Renaud Leturcq
ETH Zürich, Schweiz

Spin-dependent transport through quantum dots realized in InAs nanowires

13.11.2006 Philipp Treutlein
Max Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, LMU München

Atom chips: an interface between ultracold atoms and solid-state nanodevices

20.11.2006 Daniel Schröer
LMU München

A few-electron serial triple quantum dot

Mi 29.11.2006

Andreas Reuter
LMU München
DNA Nanodevices and -actuators
04.12.2006 Frank Koppens
University of Technology, Delft, Niederlande
Coherent control of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
11.12.2006 Jens Siewert
Universität Regensburg
Multipartite entanglement - elements of its classification and quantification
18.12.2006 Dr. Oliver Krebs
CNRS-Laboratoire de Photonique et Nanostructures, Marcoussis, Frankreich
Optical orientation of a single electron spin in charge-tunable InAs/GaAs quantum dots
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01.01.2007 entfällt  
08.01.2007 Dr. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral
Walter Schottky Institut, Garching
Synthesis and fundamental properties of semiconductor nanowires

Tim Liedl
LMU München

Towards autonomous DNA devices
22.01.2007 Christian Dupraz
LMU München
Optoelectronic and electromechanical characterisation of CNT`s

Constanze Metzger
LMU München

Opto-Mechanics of deformable Fabry-Perot Cavities
Tom Sobey
LMU München
DNA - To be or not to be, 1d or 2d ?
Louis Gaudreau
Institute for Microstructural Sciences
NRC, Ontario, Canada
Combined Effects in a Triple Quantum Dot: Coulomb Blockade, Quantum Cellular Automata, Spin Blockade and Quantum Interference