Journalclub Wintersemester 2008/2009

Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls

Seminarraum N110 , Altbau der Sektion Physik
Montag, 11.15 Uhr - 11.30 Uhr

13.10.2008 Klaus-Dieter Hof "Coherent Control of a Single Electron Spin with Electric Fields".
"Interference between two indistinguishable electrons from independent sources".
20.10.2008 Dawid Kupidura "Control and Detection of Singlet-Triplet Mixing in Random Nuclear Field"
27.10.2008 Clemens Rössler "Electrically driven single-electron spin resonance in a slanting Zeeman field"
03.11.2008 Xaver Vögele "Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton polaritons"
10.11.2008 Matthias Fiebig "The missing memristor found"
17.11.2008 Daniel Harbusch "A Triple Quantum Dot in a Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube"
24.11.2008 Daniel König "Size and frequency dependent gas damping of nanomechanical resonators"
01.12.2008 Thomas Zabel "Optical biosensing using SOI photonic crystal nanostructures"
08.12.2008 Georg Schinner "Exciton optoelectronic transistor"
15.12.2008 Daniela Taubert "Charge detection in graphene quantum dots"
22.12.2008 Quirin Unterreithmeier "Passive Cooling of a Micromechanical Oscillator with a Resonant Electric
19.01.2009 Klaus-Dieter Hof "A solid-state light–matter interface at the single-photon level"
26.01.2009 Bernd Zebli "Carbon Nanotube pn-Junction Diodes"
02.02.2009 Stephan Manus "Back-Action Evasion as an Alternative to Impedance Matching"
09.02.2009 Philipp Paulitschke "Subwavelength imaging of light confinement in
high-Q/small-V photonic crystal nanocavity"