Journalclub Wintersemester 2006/2007

Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls

Seminarraum N110 (vormals 108), Altbau der Sektion Physik
Montag, 11.15 Uhr - 11.30 Uhr

16.10.2006 Daniel Schröer Running measurements with Lab::VISA
30.10.2006 Clemens Rössler Spin selective spectroscopy of a quantum dot using tunnel-coupled quantumwires as spinfilters
13.11.2006 Andreas Reuter The Nanometronome - a DNA-based nanomechanical device
20.11.2006 Alexander Ortlieb How to freeze an oscillating mirror with light - Lasercooling of microresonators
27.11.2006 Stefan Seidl Improved fidelity of triggered entangled photons from single quantum dots
04.12.2006 Michael Olapinski Bistability of atmospheric oxygen and the Great Oxidation
11.12.2006 Thomas Sobey Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns
18.12.2006 Daniel König Why everybody should use LabWeb
08.01.2007 Xaver Vögele BEC of excitons
15.01.2007 Christian Dupraz Torsional electromechanical quantum oscillations in carbon nanotubes
22.01.2007 Matthias Fiebig Patterning organic single-crystal transistor arrays
29.01.2007 Eike Friedrichs Construction of an in-vitro bistable circuit from synthetic transcriptional switches
05.02.2007 Klaus-Dieter Hof Light in tiny holes