Prof. Pavel Havrylak, Institute for Microstructural Sciences >National Research Council of Canada

Excitonic artificial atoms and quantum computing

Pavel Havrylak
Institute for Microstructural Sciences
National Research Council of Canada
Technische Physik
Universitat Wuerzburg
Würzburg, Germany

I'll describe excitonic artificial atoms and their possible application as quantum bits in quantum computers. The excitonic atoms are formed by generating many-exciton complexes in self-assembled quantum dots. We will discuss how to design and engineer optical properties of these many-particle systems to make them useful for quantum bits. The electronic structure will be discussed both from the point of view of direct, exchange , and correlation effects as well as from the point of view of hidden symmetry. The exciton-phonon interaction, the main source source of decoherence, will be examined based on results of resonant electronic Raman scattering.